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Wang Yue, a senior at Dalian Industry University, uses her paintbrush to turn ugly tree holes into lovely views in Shijiazhuang, capital city of Hebei Province.

Wang Yue calls the tree-hole paintings “meitu” which means “beautiful journey.” The paintings on the trees have brightened the city during the dull, grey winter.

How… adorable. Oh my god.

 I love this, especially the fennec

Hebei is also an area with a lot of coal and it has ruined the environment making it’s cities some of the most polluted in the world. These paintings, to me, have not just an enjoyment factor but a message about environmentalism and the value of a well-balanced life—well-known Chinese values thrown away by capitalism.

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16 años en marcha. #EZLN #streetart #artecallejero (Tomada con Instagram)


16 años en marcha. #EZLN #streetart #artecallejero (Tomada con Instagram)